The Beginning of the South Carolina Association of Knifemakers (SCAK) can be traced back to the Third Annual Gun & Knife Show in Aiken SC in August of 1980. Duncan Rutherford, President of The Aiken Arms Collectors Association invited knife makers from throughout the state to attend and participate in the show. Duncan introduced the idea of a state guild to George Herron. the idea was discussed throughout the show and it was decided to have a business meeting after the show and discuss the posibilities. Ten knifemakers, Richard Bridwell, Wayne Childress, Gordon DeFreest, Steve Fecas, Dick Gillenwater, George Herron, Tommy Lee, Joe Prince, Ralph Smith, and Chip Williams along with three scrimshanders, Bob Burdette, Jim Gullette and Ron Williams and knife enthusiast and collector Duncan Rutherford met and officially formed the South Carolina Association of Knifemakers (SCAK).

This non-profit organization brings together makers, each of whom is an artisan in his own right, to exchange ideas and information, and promote the knife making craft, custom knives, and knifemakers, and to assist knife makers and promote ethical and professional business conduct. The members of SCAK come from all parts of the state of South Carolina, and bring with them a variety of knife styles and workmanship. Most of the members create knives that are used by hunters and fishermen, and are meant to be functional as well as works of art. Additionally, some members also make throwing knives, tactical knives, and knives for use in the kitchen and the dining room.


South Carolina association of knifemakers are very grateful to the many friends who have supported and continue to support and promote custom knives and knifemakers. Honorary members provide the encouragement every artist needs to continue to grow and develop new levels of achievement.


(1) Voting Membership – They have completed the probationary member requirements and upon submitting their work to the board of directors and membership to be judged ,have found to be performing their craft to the accepted standards of The South Carolina Association Of Knifemakers.

(2) Probationary Members – Individuals who have filed written application to the board of directors for membership,signed and dated by two voting members,but whose work has not passed the evaluation process shall have the status of probationary membership with the approval by simple majority vote of the membership. These members do not have voting privilege.

(3) Asssociate Members – This category of membership is reserved for those who are not knifemakers,but are engaged in a knife-related trade. Examples are but not limited to,suppliers,photographers,publishers,purveyors,engravers,and scrimshanders.

(4) Honorary Members – These are the individuals who support SCAK, promote custom knives, and advance the purpose of the guild. Honorary members must be sponsored by knife maker members of the guild. Knifemakers are not eligible for honorary membership.

(5) Knifemaker Emeritus – This category is reserved for those knife makers who have attained voting status and are no longer able to make knives and are not continuing the knife business.

(6) Founding Members – This group is compromised of the knifemakers responsible for founding the South Carolina Association Of knifemakers.

(7) SENIOR MEMBERS – Members with 15 years service.

Membership applications

Membership is open to citizens of South Carolina and is voted on by the SCAK membership. To join the organization, prospective members must be certified by two active members of SCAK and complete an Application Form before being voted on. Applicants should contact one of the members listed on the members list for additional details or contact:

We hope that you will find information from this Website that will be of benefit to you, as you pursue custom knives and knife making. A knife made by a member of the South Carolina Association of Knifemakers will always carry:
Annual Dues
Voting Member – $ 50.00
Probationary Member – $ 50.00
New Applicant – $ 90.00
Honorary Members
Associate Member

Knifemaker Emeritus

Skip Burnette
Davis Brothers
Chip Williams

In Memory
E.E. ” Dick Gillenwater ”
Jim Gullette
William Gordon ” Bill ” DeFreest
George Herron
Art Carter
Sharky Tipps
Butch Winter
Claude Montjoy
Woody Walker
Mick Sears
Steve Fecas
Tommy B. Lee
James Rabb                                                                             Dan Cannady